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Now i didn't want to do this since i don't use points, but i really need these characters to go, and i thought points may bring more people since not everyone has a paypal 
the prices are not equal, to the usd price is added 100 points
such as if the usd price is $2, then its 300 points (instead of 200)
Since Im, now moving account, I won't use again none of these characters. 
Rules are
1. Once you buy them, you can resell but for the same amount you bought them for unless they have more art. (If you do sell them please tag this account so I can check who's the new owner)

This is kinda how it works.
AB: prices in the picture
IM WILLING TO LOWER THE PRICE, i just need to sell most of these to not to feel guilty by abandoning them. Ask about it!!

Characters I NEVER drew. To buy tell me which background color and which number/letter
6ytr by SugarySharky
Grertdg by SugarySharky

NONE OF THIS ART IS MINE, if you dew any of these and want me to give you credits tell me!! Anyway all these drawings can be found in my adopted folder in favourites!!

All of these are offers above $3 please 
Lanze                                          Felix                        Acheflower. RD kid 
Sss by SugarySharkyFelix by SugarySharky  Acheflow by SugarySharky 
He by SugarySharkynIrresolution doesn't suit you by SugarySharky
BAE by SugarySharkyBAKGROUND BABUS by SugarySharky
adoptables by SugarySharky

My sweethearts ponies from here to the bottom are not available with points
Rain Down And Destroy Me by SugarySharky so bored of being Misunderstood by SugarySharky
Radiant and eliaser they go together 
their stash with some art I collected ((you can find wayyyy more on my gallery))
Rad Eli

SB: $20
AB: $60 (im dreaming already but I love them a lot and they have shit tons of art)

lying's all I've learned by SugarySharky
The love of my life, i feel so personally in love with him, still, is hard to let go of him particularly??
Offer above $20 AGAIN HE HAS LOTS OF ART
shada de da dum by SugarySharky
Im not even capable to word this feeling,I,, , just ,, offers above $20
Weird Autumn by SugarySharkyoffers above $5
CONCEPT ARTU by SugarySharky Offers above $10\

Characters related to nothing 
My pokesona! can be used as a simple oc??     This character!                                   I already published sunstone but whatever. They don't have to go together!
$3                                                                $6                                                          sunstone: $4.50   aquamarine: $6 (she has lots of art)
Pokesona by SugarySharky Your soul will capture me by SugarySharky  One more tap and I'll collapse by SugarySharky

Since im doing this just now I'll keep updating with more characters !! stay tuned!! 


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